Recipes To Help You Eat Healthy For The First Meal

If you are a busy worker and have no time for breakfast except the bagel you grab from the convenience store, here are some recipes to aid you. Doctors always recommend eating a big and hearty breakfast as the body needs replenishment after working on fixing itself during the night. But most of us are too pushed for time and are rushing to work or school to pay attention to bodily needs. So instead, here are some quick recipes for a breakfast healthier than the bagel from the store.

Chia seed, banana and peanut butter toast

Toast is easy to eat and even easier to make. But usually you put marmite/ vegemite, jam, butter or something unhealthy or neutral on it and just stuff it. So instead, this toast is here to make your body get healthy without much hassle. You can put these toppings on a regular peanut butter toast or just go for a regular toast. The toppings are half a banana sliced into thin pieces (not thick as you will not be enticed then), some chia seeds sprinkled on top (less calories, more nutrients, more antioxidants, more fiber and more protein) and you have a super healthy breakfast. You can get the kids to eat some slices by adding a bit of chocolate sauce on top or some sprinkles.

Oatmeal and egg

It can be hard to imagine oatmeal and egg together, and especially when you are used to the plain oatmeal. But savory flavored oatmeal and with the benefit of an egg on top allows a whole lot of nutrients into your body. Prepare the oatmeal with water or milk as you usually do, then add a bit of salt and pepper and then go for a sunny side up or poached egg on top. You can even add a bit of shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese on top to make the taste even better. The kick of protein and vitamins of the egg will make you feel energized much more than an energy drink ever could, as recommended by expert family doctor.

Fruit salad with quinoa

According to renowned dietitian in Adelaide, quinoa has magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and whole a lot of essential amino acids and nutrients packed into it. Quinoa is one of the main ingredients of a healthy person’s meals and if you are not fond of having it alone, add a bit of fruits. Cut up some berries and oranges and your favorite fruits and add quinoa. Then toss it around until everything is evenly distributed. For spicing up the flavor of this salad even more add a dressing made of honey, lime and basil. Grab your favorite fruits and add milk to make a quick and healthy breakfast if you are not a fan of eating a big meal at the start of the day.