The Different Uses Of Silicon

This is an element that is nonmetallic and found in abundance across the universe. There are different silicon compounds from which silicon is extracted. It has several industrial uses like in circuits, glass, soaps and alloys. It is used in computer chips for which its popularity is high in the modern technological world. It is the metal that inspired the name of Silicon Valley, which is the seat of US technology companies.

Origin of the element

It was first isolated in the year 1824. It occurs as a crystal in its pure form. It has the 14th place in the table of periods. Silica is the most common compound in which it is found as it combined to form this compound with oxygen. It is the common form of sand that we find across the world. It is considered as one of the compounds based on which breast implants are made. These come into use in lumpectomy surgery in Gold Coast for breasts.

Silicon uses

There are varied uses of silicon. It is used in the form of different compounds which are called silicates. These are widely abundant. They can be treated with different chemicals to release the silicon or bound with other materials. Metals are often bound with silicon to increase hardness and strength. Soft and durable products like silicon breast implants are also made of this element. They are used in breast reconstruction surgery after lumpectomy surgery is performed. The other industrial uses of the element include making of caulking compounds, sealers and different kinds of synthetic oils. Look here if you are looking for breast cancer surgeon.

Difference with silicone

There is a difference between silicon, which is the pure element and silicone which is a compound of the element. Silicone made of silicon takes on different properties of the element. It is used in making medical implants, soaps, synthetic materials and insulators. Shields in electrical items as well as baking supplies and sealers include silicone compound. The compound has certain distinct properties that make it flexible and durable, making it ideal for different industrial uses.

Future of silicon

This element is available in myriad forms. Its abundance makes it popular for diverse industrial applications. It is easily harvested in nature. Several countries manufacture silicon in different forms like US and China. It is exported in pure form and used in varied manufacturing setup in different countries. It is also used in different finished forms an exported likewise. This element is cheap and abundantly available. For that reason several uses are thought of this element and its different compounds. Computer chips are made of this element as well as implants in different medical uses and procedures. For those who are about to receive breast implants of silicone, need to read up about the pros and cons of this compound.