Tips On How To Lessen Body Hair Growth

Whether it be an unattainable beauty standard set by society or the simple fact that fuzz free underarms are much less itchy but the simple fact is the less body hair we have, the better. It might be a sexist divide, men with fuzz are attractive while women with fuzz are told to shave, either it’s a standard practice that is accepted by us today and it might not change in the immediate future. Either way I have to admit, having less fuzz might not be a bad thing but I was sadly blessed with south east Asian growth and strength to match a very light skin tone inherited from some European ancestor. So naturally I spent much of my pubescent years attempting to will away my excess body hair. However, today I present to you a list of methods which will lessen your body fuzz growth.

First method we look at is waxing. Now this is one of the most common methods of getting rid of excess body fuzz. The method involves either hot or cold wax being applied and then stripped off with cloth or disposable strips. I won’t lie to you the pain, though it only lasts for a millisecond, hurts! However, with pain comes benefits, one major one being the growth lessening a considerably and if you are a victim of ingrown, then this method is ideal for you. To make maximum use of this, make sure to use an exfoliator scrub a day prior to waxing. This will help get rid of any dead skin that might hinder the process. But you the fear of the pain stops you from going through with it, a more humane method is laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but in reality, the procedure is one of the safest and most effective ways of getting rid of unwanted fuzz especially in sensitive areas. This method uses pulses of light to destroy the follicles and the wonderful part about it is that that means the growth and strength lessens over time. This method is considered to be the safest method for your skin as it not exposed to chemicals nor are the follicles yanked from the skin.

The thing with unwanted fuzz is that everyone has different views and opinions about it. Whatever your view might be in regard to it, if you want to have silky smooth skin you can visit a reputable clinic that can cover your needs like a baby dolphin then it’s your right or maybe you just want to have less visible growth. If so, then hopefully these methods work for you.