Water Filtration Methods For When You’re Going Camping

Going camping or hiking in the wild is something that is very enjoyable and fun. There are a lot of people who are interested in engaging in outdoor activities. I mean sure going on a camp sounds like a lot of fun but there are certain people who want to take things a step further and actually go on survival camps. Now in these types of camps or adventures you are not exactly given a lot of things to use to satisfy your basic needs. For an example you might not be given access to clean drinking water. If you are going for a very strict camp you will not be allowed to take a portable purifier or filter either. You have to rely on your own wits to come up with a method of doing so.
So in essence you need to figure out a viable water filtration system that will enable you to drink something that is not contaminated. There of course many ways of getting about this and through the course of this article I will speak to you about some of the methods that you could possibly use. Fair warning some of them does have some side effects if you don’t know what you are doing. First up is one of the most basic and traditional methods which is boiling. This is a very effective way of killing any sort of bacteria in pathogen that could be in the water. You need to of course let it boil for at least a minute before consuming. Of course if you don’t have a large container you might have to end up doing this a couple of times a day. In addition to that if you are unable to make a fire or don’t have a container that is large enough to boil you will have to look for other methods, check this trusted water purifier.
A very simple water filtration system you can use is called gravity filters. This is basically two bags which are connected by hose which acts as a filter. You hang one above the other for the filtering process to happen. But keep in mind that this method is only useful against things like bacteria. You would still be left open to an attack from viruses. Next up is the use if tablets, there are first Iodine tablets these should generally be left in the water for more than 30 min before consumption. But keep in mind that this could have bad effects on someone who is pregnant or has a thyroid condition. The chlorine tablets need to be kept longer, at least for a couple of hours, check this out.
Keep in mind though that consumption using this method for long periods of time is not advisable. If all else fails look for a spring and drink from the source itself. This does have its own dangers though. You never know if it is contaminated. All in all there are few methods available and it depends on the resources available to you but in my opinion boiling is the best option try and go for that always if possible.