The Noninvasive Prenatal Testing

Being parents for the first time or the third time it doesn’t matter. Every time you are about to give birth brings the same amount of joy to the parents no matter how many times previously they have gone through the same steps. Because each baby is different and brings with them their own little surprises. So all parents are eagerly awaiting the birth of their babies expecting the most beautiful baby in the world to pop out. No parent will want to be informed by the doctor that certain complications have led to the baby being born with certain genetic defects or impairments. This is the worst kind of news that can be delivered to parents when they have just given birth. And it can have adverse effects on the parent, child relationship especially with the mother.

We just might have a solution

Well with the development of technology and science doctors may have just found a solution to the problem. They have discovered a way of testing the mother and baby during the early stages of the pregnancy in order to detect at least some of these problems if not all of it. Which goes a long way in solving this issue. For example the ultrasound scan is something that is routinely used on mothers and various times during the pregnancy to detect any abnormalities like neural tube defects or nuchal thickness of the fetus in the early stages. The nifty test is another blood test that is commonly done to detect chromosomal abnormalities such downs syndrome, patau syndrome and Edwards syndrome. Which are all trisomies of a particular chromosome. It can also detect for many other chromosomal abnormalities like deletions and additions as well.

The nifty test price is a little over the top for it to be considered as a routine test which can be done for al pregnant mothers. Therefore it is only the ultra sound that is f=done routinely. If the doctors do suspect that there might be some abnormality throughout the course of the pregnancy then they can go ahead and order the blood test. And if the results of the blood test are also not conclusive and they want further proof then they can opt for more invasive procedures like chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis. But these are your last resort tests because there is a risk of miscarriage when performing such invasive procedures.

Since science has developed so far, we must remember to utilize the services available to us in the right manner. On as and when necessary. Because resources are limited and it cannot be wasted.