TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine


Alternative medicine is any form of medical practice that does not base itself on scientific methods, but instead relies on what we would call ‘spiritual beliefs’ and the use of therapies and practices which directly, or indirectly, clash with scientific findings. It is what you’d call traditional medicine – the medical practices which ranged from witchcraft to the divinations of the past. A particular category within this is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a medical practice which has over 2,500 years of history within it.
Traditional Chinese medicine in Auckland is simply based on one basic foundation – the concept of ‘qi’ (i.e. also called ‘chi’). This can be translated as ‘vital energy’ and is basically some form of spiritual energy believed by the Chinese to reside in our bodies. This qi circulates our body in a much similar fashion to blood in the circulatory system; it does this through the channels which are called as ‘meridians’. The Chinese believe that the imbalance, or the improper circulation of qi is the main cause behind illness, and traditional Chinese medicine attempts to rectify this imbalance through five main practices: • Herbal medicine – as the name suggests, this is a method of therapy which uses many different kinds of Chinese herbs and plants. However, it also makes use of animal, human and mineral products in its concoctions. It is used to cure many diseases, ranging from haemorrhoids to acute pancreatitis.
• Acupuncture – this is the famous therapy which involves the insertion of thin needles into the body at points which are called ‘acupuncture points’ (which the Chinese believe are 500 points in total). The therapy is used to cure stress, pain relief, infertility and many other maladies.
• Tui na (Massage) – also known as ‘tuina’, this is often used. It consists of massaging certain pressure points of the body to relieve many musculoskeletal conditions.
• Qigong (Exercise) – the most prominent comparison to qigong would be yoga, which you might be familiar with (or even be a practitioner of). Like yoga, qigong consists of relaxation, meditation and exercise to promote the healthiness of the body and the mind.
• Dietary therapy – this is basically something like adhering to a prescribed diet for a specified period of time. Unlike a normal diet, this will consist mainly of various types of Chinese foods.
While traditional Chinese treatment has often been under the scrutiny of many scientific groups for its unscientific basis, there are still many cases of its efficacy in curing many various kinds of illnesses and conditions; thus, it has spread well beyond China and it is used as a form of alternative medicine throughout the world.

Checklist To Select The Right Old Age Care Service

There is a flotilla of reasons to consider when you have to select an aged care facility for yourself or someone who is close to you. At times, people find it extremely difficult to make this decision, however due to certain reasons they need to take important decision, when they are under pressure.

Sadly when it comes to in home aged care services, there is no rating system available which would enable clients to make decisions likely. Without any ratings and ranks available the selection process might turn out being a bit tough. Yet you need not worry as there is a wide array of wonderful old age care facilities that you can enjoy. However, you need to ensure that you make the selection with vigilance.

If you too are looking for an aged care service, then make sure that youdo browse through a few essential tips which would assist in narrowing down your choice:

• Do understand that your first thought or impression is vital

The value of a good in home aged care does not correspond to the furniture, appealing brochures or the age of the building. You need to make sure that if you are taken to an aged care home by an agency, you need to have a proper tour of the facilities that they would provide you with. Do ensure that you have a proper interaction with the residents there as well as the staff members working in that old age centre. Observe, whether the residents are happy when the staff are conversing to them? Are the staff members attentive and caring? Do also take note about the hygiene and cleanliness part and does it smell clean or dirty? Does it look more as a hospital or is it inviting, warm and gives you a happy feeling to be around at this place? Do you notice people laughing? Also notice whether the residents are taking part in everyday activities and are they dressed up well, neat and tidy? 

• Would the location be convenient for you?

The location is necessary as your family and friends would come in to visit you from time to time. This is an occasion when the resident gets an opportunity to move out and connect with the community as and where possible (shops, events, etc). Especially for aged people, loneliness becomes quite a serious issue and this is why it is necessary for them to stay connected with family, friends and the community as much as it is possible. Do ensure that you ask the agency about outings and know if it would be possible for you to take residents out from time to time to local community events.

Water Filtration Methods For When You’re Going Camping

Going camping or hiking in the wild is something that is very enjoyable and fun. There are a lot of people who are interested in engaging in outdoor activities. I mean sure going on a camp sounds like a lot of fun but there are certain people who want to take things a step further and actually go on survival camps. Now in these types of camps or adventures you are not exactly given a lot of things to use to satisfy your basic needs. For an example you might not be given access to clean drinking water. If you are going for a very strict camp you will not be allowed to take a portable purifier or filter either. You have to rely on your own wits to come up with a method of doing so.
So in essence you need to figure out a viable water filtration system that will enable you to drink something that is not contaminated. There of course many ways of getting about this and through the course of this article I will speak to you about some of the methods that you could possibly use. Fair warning some of them does have some side effects if you don’t know what you are doing. First up is one of the most basic and traditional methods which is boiling. This is a very effective way of killing any sort of bacteria in pathogen that could be in the water. You need to of course let it boil for at least a minute before consuming. Of course if you don’t have a large container you might have to end up doing this a couple of times a day. In addition to that if you are unable to make a fire or don’t have a container that is large enough to boil you will have to look for other methods, check this trusted water purifier.
A very simple water filtration system you can use is called gravity filters. This is basically two bags which are connected by hose which acts as a filter. You hang one above the other for the filtering process to happen. But keep in mind that this method is only useful against things like bacteria. You would still be left open to an attack from viruses. Next up is the use if tablets, there are first Iodine tablets these should generally be left in the water for more than 30 min before consumption. But keep in mind that this could have bad effects on someone who is pregnant or has a thyroid condition. The chlorine tablets need to be kept longer, at least for a couple of hours, check this out.
Keep in mind though that consumption using this method for long periods of time is not advisable. If all else fails look for a spring and drink from the source itself. This does have its own dangers though. You never know if it is contaminated. All in all there are few methods available and it depends on the resources available to you but in my opinion boiling is the best option try and go for that always if possible.