5 Common Benefits Of Teeth Implantation

It is really embarrassing when you start losing teeth, it affects your self-confidence as well as the way to smile or laugh. Everyone who suffers with these problems, struggle to get back the natural smile so that they can have fun, laugh and smile confidently. Thanks to technology that helps people to get their smile back.

If you lose your teeth, affordable dental implants can help you replace your lost teeth with new ones. In many cases teeth implantation has helped people to restore their smile and live a healthy life. Let us look at five common benefits of teeth implantation technique.

1. Enjoy Natural Smile Again

It becomes difficult to eat after you lose teeth, which also makes patient eat only soft foods. This also affects the intake of nutritional food and overall health is affected. Some people even face problem while speaking. The teeth implantation procedure can help them eat comfortably and speak well. Restoring the lost teeth can give them hope to live normal life again.

2. Jawbone density doesn’t get affected

In case of a tooth loss the body stops supplying the essential nutrients to the jawbone that surrounds the lost tooth. Lack of supply of essential nutrients like phosphorus and calcium the jawbone can also start dissolving. This also leads to the loss of additional teeth and result in facial collapse. Due to facial collapse the patient looks old. With the help of implantation the post inserted surgically is taken as a natural tooth by the body. This makes the body to start the supply of nutrients to the jaw and make it healthier and this way the patient resumes its facial structure as well.

3. Avoid Misalignment

As a result of tooth loss the surrounding teeth can drift and move towards the gaps which can cause the teeth become uneven leading to chances of tooth decay or gum diseases.

4. Long Lasting Results 

Tooth replacement lasts for 25 years. In other cases it also lasts longer than this. If you look at bridges they last only for 10-15 years and they need adjustments over a period of 5 – 10 years.

5. Implantation of Natural looking Crowns

A crown is created to fit the top with prosthesis process. Porcelain material is used to create and design crowns so that they look natural and handle the force of powerful bites.

Teeth not only help us eat food, but also help us stay healthy and also add to smile and happiness to our lives. Even if you lose teeth do no lose hope as implantation process can get your smile back. You can not only stay happy, but healthy too.