Protect Your Vision

Eyes are considered as the most important parts in our body. Even though healthy people don’t feel the value of having a clear vision, that much, blind people would do anything if they have a chance to have a perfect vision.

Eyes are so sensitive. It can be easily damaged. That’s why always parents advise their children to be careful when they play.

Main Parts of the Eye

1)      Sclera

This is the white part of the eye which supports the eye wall. Conjunctiva covers the sclera and this is the thickest area in the optic nerve. Episclera, Sclera proper and Lamina Fusca are the three parts which have made sclera.

Sclera functions as the protector of your eyeball. This is the part which protects your eyes from an injury.

2)      The Cornea

This is the transparent section in our eyes which helps to cover the iris and the pupil. This part is sensitive to cold air and to chemical interactions. If we are exposed to cold air, tears come to eyes. Moreover cornea has a large number of nerve fibers.

Through the cornea, the lights get reflected and contacts with retina. That’s how we see images.

3)      The Iris (pupil)

The circular part which is clearly visible in our eyes is known as the iris. This can control the size and the diameter of the pupil and also the amount of the light which receives the retina. Iridology, based on the iris, reveals your health condition, personality, health risks.

Simply, it is said that yoga services at Cairns unveils your past, present and future health status. Some says that this is unable to believe while others points out that this is true.

4)      Lens

A capsule which is made from proteins, water etc which helps retina to focus on the light. This is the part that helps us to see long distance objects by adjusting to its size. Lens has layers like in onions. Youngsters and young adults have a clear vision because of proper functioning lenses. But people who are in 50 and over 50 won’t be able to have a clear vision because when the person gets old, his or her lenses no longer change the shapes. This is the main reason for people to wear spectacles.

5)      Retina

Compared to a film in a camera, the retina is considered as the third eye. This helps to create real images in front of our eyes.  Retina is connected to the brain. Thus, when we see an image, the retina sends the information to the brain using fibers. This is how we have we see the real world.