Types Of Tooth Related Problems

The most over seen part of our body’s health is our oral health. We take a lot for granted and not notice the bad things that happen to our oral care until the last minute if not worse, the point where you have to remove your teeth. Everywhere we see dentist and articles that says to brush your teeth at least twice a day but how many of us actually follow this. How many of us actually floss each day? Because of our ignorance we tend to oversee this important aspect in our health. Even, the fact that we rarely go to the dentist in Armdale as told to go to once every year. Here a small list of dental problems that you might get due this negligence.

Bad breath

You have the tendency to suffer bad breath. This is caused due to a number of reasons like, tooth decay, dry mouth and bacteria that has stagnated on the tongue. People with bad breath tend to use moth washes but that won’t help. It is like using perfume to cover your bad odor while what you actually need a good bath. Similarly, mouth wash will take your bad breath away but not cure it.

Too decay and gum problem

Tooth decay is the eating of the tooth by the bacteria in your mouth and gum diseases happen because of the bacteria around the teeth. It can be easily avoided if you as everyone say, brush twice a day and floss once each day. Regular checkups will do you no harm but more good. When the gum gets weak in cannot hold the tooth in which point you will have to get dental implants by visiting the dental clinic.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is something that a majority is facing today. It is when you feel pain or feel uncomfortable when you drink or eat something sweet, hot, cold, etc. Sometimes even when touch your gums it might hurt even when flossing or brushing. This can be treated easily if you don’t go soon.

A bad smile

Smiling is our nature but we can’t smile and show our decayed or yellow teeth. It’s embarrassing but smiling comes naturally and sometimes you can’t help but show your teeth when your smiling. A bad smile is not a tooth oral problem but it can be a reason for a bad smile. You can’t afford to have bad teeth. Specially, if you are businessman who handles a lot of customers like on the front desk. Bad teeth can lead to so many backlashes so to avoid bad smiles and unattractive breath, you know what to do.